Meet the Creator of the
TymPlates for Kids Nutrition System

Kristy Dotson

Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Author, Speaker

Having spent eight years working for some of the top food manufacturers in the world such as Kraft Foods and General Mills prior to transitioning into the field of nutrition, I can tell you that I have seen and heard it all.  My former position as a Senior Ingredient Buyer exposed me to “what’s really going into our food chain” and allowed me to see that many products approved for use by the FDA actually promote disease.


I developed the the TymPlates for Kids Nutrition System, as mechanism so parents could "retake their child's plate" and begin to take a proactive role in their kid's dietary decisions.

My desire is that the next generation of children not spend their formative years filling their bodies with synthetic foods and microwave meals, most of which lead to disease long-term. Rather, I am hoping that kids will become more comfortable with natural foods, fully embracing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and subsequently, this should lead to a lifestyle of healthier eating.

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