This unique, educational system provides all the tools to assist you in training your child to eat wholesome, non-processed foods at a very young age.

What makes the TymPlates for Kids Nutrition System FUN is the TymPlates® Create-A-Plate!  This "creative" plate not only serves as a "template" for optimal eating and portion sizing, but it allows kids to play an active role in their nutritional plan through the selection of their own plate design.


The TymPlates® Create-A-Plate uses color-coded compartments to define the basic foods that are nourishing to the body.  Bite-sized portions are achieved when foods are placed within the compartment borders.

So that you don't run out of food options, an accompanying Instructional Booklet provides color-coded recipes and snack items which can be prepared in lickety-split time while engaging your child in the process.  A recipe demonstration DVD provides an added visual.

To encourage your child to finally "taste test" vegetables, the TymPlates® Create-A-Plate Rewards Tracker provides an incentive and allows you to reward your child for cleaning their plate! 


And there's more...

Kid-friendly supplements are available to assist in filling nutritional gaps. Chewable and great-tasting - TymPlates supplements are truly "kid-approved"! 


Side Dishes

What moms are dishing out about TymPlates for Kids...

Cindy Howard, DC

Orland Park, IL

I'm a doctor, but a mother first. Parenting three children and seeing sick kids in my practice reminds me of how important good nutrition is.We are not getting it in our society today as a rule; however, there are always some diamonds in the rough. The TymPlates for Kids Nutrition System is one of those diamonds.


Chicago, IL

I really like the way specific foods have been listed in the different colored areas of the TymPlates Create-A-Plate, making meal planning even easier for busy moms trying to figure out what to serve.

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